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Historic Buildings of Denver… for one reason or another

Denver architecture inhabits a rich part of my soul.  In large part due to the deep history my maternal family has to this region.  I’m a fourth generation Denverite, so it’s easy for me to imagine my great-grandparents moving in and around the same streets I […]

Sandhill Cranes and Kearney Nebraska

Trilling. The sound of thousands of cranes coming home to their temporary sanctuary in the shallow waters of the Nebraska Platte River Valley. Very showy, and noisy, they are.   I’d wanted to witness their migration for some time. I knew I’d fall in love with […]

Canon City – Phantom Canyon Road Jaunt

It’s a Saturday in late Fall, with a gleaming blue sky and 50 degrees to draw us in for a drive. These days I love revisiting some of the places I haven’t been to in decades. Canon City and Phantom Canyon Road are a couple of […]

Breckenridge, Colorado… by way of dinosaur trails and rock deposits

We set out for a weekend in Breckenridge one Friday morning.  Normally, it’s a no-brainer, no map-planning destination.  Take I-70 west out of Denver, turn left at Frisco.  I didn’t want to go the more direct I-70 route.  Yes, I-70 is faster than the US 285 […]

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